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Deciding between ouginak and xelor to duo with my enutrof. Wondering which is better for pvm. My enu is chance (may change to intel at 184) but im willing to change him to any element if that matters to which is more desirable. Open to other suggestions to duo with enutrof as well (except cra).
By holylance - 2012-08-11 07:58:53 in General Discussion
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So we all now that the number of drops in a dungeon is restricted in a dungeon depending on how many people your group consist of. I have recently realized that when running dungeons that consist of 5 characters including an enutrof, my fifth character which has the lowest prospecting usually does not drop anything. Im assuming this is because the max number of drop rolls i can get is 5 and by the time the character with the lowest prospecting gets a chance at the drop rolls they have been used by...