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Hi, I've seen many leveling guides (both written and in video), but I don't get the XP they say I'll get. For example, some people say at level 4x I could go to scaras, the beach or jellys, and they get about like 90k exp, while I get 9k. Why is that? Was the exp nerfed or am I missing something? What are good places to train?

By hltththief - 2019-08-22 00:22:03 in Need help?
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Hi, I'm playing with a friend (I have a Sacrier and he has a Feca, so we can play duo), and I was wondering what's the best set for levels below 60. I've picked up parts of the Adventurer Set as well as the Gobball Set but is it worth it to farm those sets instead of leveling in mobs that give more exp? (or are those mobs good enough to level and farm). Also, should I worry about what set is better? I currently have Adv and Gobball. Some people say Adv for the wisdom, but Gobball let you kill mobs...