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Hiseldisel Feca Lvl 212 Remington
Darkheart Incubus Ecaflip Lvl 163 Remington
Trypich Sram Lvl 160 Remington
Zwai Eliotrope Lvl 111 Remington
Badfragg Enutrof Lvl 78 Remington

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Literally the title. When you write with someone and you press enter to send the message, it should not accept random pvp challenges you are offered a second before sending your message.

By hiseldisel - 2020-08-07 21:55:52 in Suggestions
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When you walk around in Wakfu, you see all these great assets used to decorate the world. You then go to handyman or look at the homepage (sidenote here, Ankama please fix the encyclopedia, so I don't get error messages trying to sort for havenbag decoration, thanks) of Wakfu and see, that those things do not exist as items for players to use as decoration. That's fine, not everything needs to be available for the player, but some items feel weird, that you can't use them. Like blue barrels or food...
By hiseldisel - 2019-12-11 20:24:45 in Guilds
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Several months an' still no report or even a sighting from ma Tyr Anis. Wrex de ol' landlubber an' his shrewed crew musta betrayed me. As if that ain't enough', yer let amaknian elite see ma black jack while gettin' some booty. Had to pay 'em a share for booty I ain't even seen, to keep ma letter of marque! No prey, no pay they blabbled, pah! Nobody hornswaggles de Smisse family an' gets da dodge Davy Jones' Locker! I will personally silence these sons of a biscuit eater! They'll walk the plank after...