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I just decided to delevel whip because after the last class updates it really doesn't do any dmg at all. Whipping an exploding spimush (critical hit), it took -64hp....
Am I missing the point about the update of 'Whip' or has it really become the most useless spell ever?
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What started of as an interesting way to find groups to do a dungeon run is now a pool of emptiness... On Rosal it is - anyway.

How come nobody uses it to get a group going?
Is it tucked too far away in the menu? Or is recruitment chat still the easiest way to get a group?
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I just got a message from wikia saying that one of my articles got edited.
When I went to check it out I noticed the page was edited to look like my Flash was out of date and could not display the page properly.

As wikia doesn't use flash to display pages I found this suspicious and noticed a lot of pages have been edited in this way.

They will all link to an .exe on a site called tibiawiki.

Seriously.... don't install it!

I can not fin a way to put a warning on the main page of the dofuswiki,...