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HI guy's, i'm wondering, if it's legal to trade a guild for kamas in dofus? i quit my lvl 95 guild and thought about selling it, but i don't know wether it's against the rules or not..

that's it, thankyou  
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Hey, i just started a Rogue, and was wondering if anyone could sugggest me a good set for pvp i have about 5mk to spend right now he's lvl 111, lvling quickly...

planning on doing kolossium at 150, but can be lower if i can find a cool set so if anyone has suggestions, always wrlcome..

about characteristics... i'm putting 200 in agi, and rest in vit, does that sound good?

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title speaks for itself, buying them 70kk each, need 9 of them, can anyone help me out?

i've been fighting the mobs for hours now with a 5 man team, no drops, i got totally tired of it, so i'm just gona buy them...

Pm me in game: Blimp or Joris

or just reply, leaving your offer/IGN on this post