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Sram Lvl 186 Crocabulia
Ecaflip Lvl 75 Ilyzaelle
Xelor Lvl 74 Ilyzaelle
Iop Lvl 72 Ilyzaelle
Huppermage Lvl 72 Ilyzaelle
Sacrier Lvl 64 Ilyzaelle

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Probably this have been suggested before but, with all the Almanax quests and bonus Ankama could make us an inside Game guide listing monsters, equipments and information about everything on dofus.
By heslyhs - 2012-09-18 22:20:38 in Suggestion Box
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I though it would be nice if Ankama change the "last fed date/time" to a "last fed X hour ago". It's so much intuitive since you have to feed from X to X hours.
I also thought of a notification system remebering you to feed your pets when they can be fed again from the last meal. Ex: Croums can be fed from 5 to 72 hours, maybe you fed it the last time more than 5 hours ago, a notification pops up and says that your Croumy friend is hungry.

Maybe they could implement a "pets" tab that show all your...
By heslyhs - 2012-09-15 00:58:04 in Suggestion Box
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Hi i just had this though. Found interesting the idea of creating an item characteristic that is a resist trespassing, like "trample" from magic. Example, one item has 1% fire trespassing, it would ignore 1% of it's target fire resist for all its attacks. It would be nice taking account on current resist itens like shields and armored mounts, players would be looking not just to get more resist but also to ignore enemies resists.