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By hemsz - 2017-06-29 08:46:56 in Cra
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The thing is cra is the charcter ive decided to make my main
i kinda like the game mechanic of cra.
I am almost completely new to the game with my highest characters being a level 38 iop and huppermage so this cra wil be my main.
I would love help with skill points and characteristic points.
Also please suggest gear my friend runs a fogger so ill be going duo with him (he is strength btw).
Also I would love to have the whole experience of farming and crafting on my own so please be reasonable while...
By hemsz - 2017-06-27 08:04:26 in General Class Discussion
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I dont know if its just me but I am new player to the game...
and for an mmorpg suprisingly dofus seems to have no completely viable tanks.
From what i have read on the forum discussions sacrier used to be the games tank but he is not viable anymore in late game content.
This hurts the game i really feel because now me and my friend who is playing eneripsa have to struggle to run dungeons.
I am really struggling to find a class that can deal good damage from range but isint as orthodox as cra in...