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Member since 2012-02-27


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-03-31


Heartbeat Osamodas Lvl 181 Remington
Sora Shiro Eniripsa Lvl 180 Remington
Black Vise Feca Lvl 178 Remington
Miko Monarch Sacrier Lvl 152 Remington
Pandora'S Actor Sadida Lvl 150 Remington
Zeke Monarch Eliotrope Lvl 143 Remington
Admiral Husky Ouginak Lvl 138 Remington
Kylin Ren Huppermage Lvl 132 Remington
Miralullaby Osamodas Lvl 2 Dathura
Misa Heavenstep Rogue Lvl 2 Dathura
Misa Amane Cra Lvl 2 Dathura
Auntie Flow Enutrof Lvl 2 Dathura
Lampo Enutrof Lvl 1 Phaeris

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By hellbringer66765 - 2017-06-28 15:54:25 in Trade
1 213
WTB list ( offer )

1.Bygone Hand ( 1,000,000 )
2. Ancient Dagger / Breath Of Life *Legendary ( 850,000 )
3. Thought *Legendary (600,000)
IGN : Black Vise
By hellbringer66765 - 2017-05-22 12:54:03 in General Discussions
4 549
has anyone buy orgine through steam ? i used to buy from steam but today when i click ingame shop , try to add orgine , nothing happen , theres no option to buy
By hellbringer66765 - 2017-01-21 18:06:35 in Trade
0 321
Anyone sell multiman lower than market price ?
-drop knight
-water knight