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By hejNival - 2013-04-27 14:18:50 in Ecaflip
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Hello everyone !
I have Ecaflip 163lvl int build. I don't know What I must change in my character. I'm 9ap, 5mp, 5-6 range and 1/2 for rough tongue.
Base set: _Click here
This is my set on air, earth and water element opponents: _Click here
And fire element res:
Click here

What I must change ? Someone said that I have to change the 10ap. I don't have ochre and items maged on +AP.

Sorry for my english and expect help
By hejNival - 2013-03-07 08:59:37 in Feca
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Hello everyone !
I want to do vit/cha feca. I have a question about weapons. What kind of weapons used at levels 100-182 ?
On 183lvl I'm going to buy Aggravating Daggers.
I don't have turq dofus with Critical. I thought the metal hammer and root well (water dmg).
Maybe it would be better int or str build because there is no problem with weapons ?