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Hanners Foggernaut Lvl 191 Remington
Cherry Meeks Feca Lvl 122 Remington
Pawrelia Mcbark Ouginak Lvl 79 Remington
Chronoire Bella Freezz Xelor Lvl 79 Remington
Catney Pawstone Ecaflip Lvl 60 Remington
Kastyssa Sacrier Lvl 15 Phaeris

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By healeria - 2017-12-26 09:26:59 in Technical Issues
1 372
So, we've got something under our christmass tree from Ankama. I've just logged onto the site, got the krosmaga code in... and when I've proceeded with Wakfu one it says that it's expired already. Despite it being 26th and it being supposedly working until 26th.
By healeria - 2017-12-12 15:58:43 in Technical Issues
1 369
As of today I can't log into te game. After clicking the PLAY button the game starts, it's but a black sceen and stops responding and I can only close it with alt+f4

Update: Using repair option does not solve the issue.
By healeria - 2017-07-05 15:57:47 in General Discussions
1 577
Soooo, I'm thinking about playing a bit of Wakfu again, and there were some dauge pet promotions at one point... but I can't see it or the pet available anymore. Was it the onetime thing? Unavailable and overpriced for eternity?