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By hbelgn1 - 2017-05-16 11:10:12 in General Problems and Solutions
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I'm trying to do the quest Don't shoot the messenger and I have to head to the island referred to in a message from a bottle, the island is Nimaltopia also known as Mishell island. I read on wiki that I have to talk to Mishell but the quest does not update. Is this a bug or wiki is not updated and I have to do something else?
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I am doing one of the vigilante quest Don't drink the water. I am stuck on the part where it says 'Use the Barbascout to take a sample of the water' The quest tells me to go to 10,3 and I have no idea what to do from here. I checked for all interactive items on the map but there is nothing here that relates to the quest. Can anyone help me please?
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Where can I find lots of Margedelweiss? I recently came back to this game and I want to level up my Alchemist.