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By haxlolhax - 2010-10-21 01:26:45 in Off Topic Discussion
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Tell us about why you rock what you do in game.


I'm recently rocking my Cra with the brand new collection of Akwadala set. I'm also waiting on rocking the Axel and Shika's cape to name a few.

But aye that's just me I'm the King of Fashion. I'm always on the flow with my level, mainly because I'm sponsered by the Bonta markets. I get all thew new colletions for free.

So idea is to tell the truth which I do, but put some Swagger in and excaturate a bit for fun
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I played Dofus a while ago and installed it again. Everything went as ussual, after the update i started the game and the little egg loaded to 100% but nothing happend. The thing where you write you user name and password never showed up??

Any ideas on what's wrong?