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Emo Sram Lvl 186 Remington
Zap Star Enutrof Lvl 165 Remington
Happyfly Iop Lvl 161 Remington
Luxris Feca Lvl 159 Remington
Celestial Banana Xelor Lvl 152 Remington
Happytry Sadida Lvl 114 Remington
Jdukls Cra Lvl 4 Phaeris

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By #[Troyle] - 2013-11-05 15:00:00 in News
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This is bad news for me. I am from Singapore, currently studying in university. I pay by SMS. It costs me me $5.30SGD to buy 700 Ogrines, so i will need to pay a bit more for the 1 week subscription (800 Ogrines). However, if you were to increase the cost to 1400Ogrines a week, I will have to pay over $10SGD (that is a lot of money for one week of game and I rather spend it on 10 packets of potato chips). The advantageous of one week subscription is that I will be able to activate it when my schedules...
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If you are missing a shoe, you can wear this ring on a leg (and have your
minions lick it...XD )