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Hello, im selling lots of ores,woods,plants and fish. (ANY)
Just pm me, let me know the amount and we will make a deal. The more you buy the better discount. We can always discuss the price !

ADD ME ingame : Azura-Svk
and pm me 
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Hello guys,

im intrested in buying the whole Soft Oak Set or Minotot/Minotoror Set if possible. (at least average stats) NOT OVERPRICED !:wacko:

PM ME ingame, Azura-Svk.
By hahohee - 2016-01-11 18:00:21 in General Class Discussion
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Hello everyone, im looking for suggestions which classes should i choose, since actually i own the Xelor only. As i said in the thread title, im intrested in 4 class combo.

I am thinking about :

1. Xelor ==> mostly Cha/str ==> (heard a lot of suggestions about swaping into the Str Xelor, but im just fine the way he is now !, do not feels like going anything else than cha).
Thinking about using him as a tank, if needed. Since he is suitable in most of the fights healing himself...