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Xelor Lvl Omega 55 Ilyzaelle
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The game has been giving me an error called "The current waiting time is exceptionally long, so we suggest you choose a different server to play as soon as possible" every time I try to log in. It puts me on a queue of 1100 people and I can't even wait it out.

This has been the case all day, is this what I am paying Ankama for every month? When will this server capacity problem be solved and how will you make this up to us?
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Hello, here I am with another game breaking xelor bug:

When there are xelors on both enemy teams, as I experienced it in kolosseum today, the game processes them as ally xelors and does not let them gain AP from creating telefrags with the same spells.

Let me elaborate: Normally this is the case when 2 xelors are allied, so that they cannot abuse excessive AP generation. But after the 2.54, it seems to be the case that the game does the same for 2 xelors on the opposite teams. I cast spontaneous...
By gferdogan - 2019-12-18 06:09:46 in Bug Reporting
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Hello, since the introduction of 2.54 the Time Rift spell of Xelor is bugged. The spell on random occasions won't work, it will just take away the AP and nothing happens.

I have failed to recreate the bug with 100% certainty but here is a fight log of it not working:

[06:07] Lucent casts Time Rift.
[06:07] 25 seconds added to next turn.
[06:07] Lucent: 4 AP (1 turn)
[06:07] Accomplice enters the Telefrag (2 turns) state.
[06:07] Lucent: 1 MP (1 turn)
[06:07] Lucent: Increases final damage inflicted...