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Member since 2011-12-25


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Rogue Lvl Omega 17 Ilyzaelle
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Sacrier Lvl Omega 1 Echo
Sacrier Lvl 140 Ilyzaelle
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I have been having a very laggy client after the new update, heard this very same complaint from many people. My computer specs are well over the required for Dofus and on top of that I have lowered every graphic setting possible. Even on an empty map, my haven bag, I am experiencing big delays. While my character is moving from one square to another the screen freezes a couple times. During fights whenever i click a spell it takes at least 5 seconds to load, and whenever i hover my mouse over characters...
By gferdogan - 2019-03-03 14:47:55 in Bug Reporting
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Around a frequency of 20%, rogues are not be able to move their boombots after using one of its spells. The game just gets stuck and you can't click on any square on the map.

This bug has been in the game for at least a year and I think no one gives a damn about it. I just lost an important battle because of this.

The game has been crashing every 20 minutes due to having a crappy launcher that causes memory leak, let alone class specific bugs like this.

I wonder why Ankama does not care about...