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On my normal server, when a creature or creature group says it is level 25, it has spells and skills appropriate to a level 25 creature. On the test server, some of the creatures that I would normally eat for breakfast have been "working out" and are either no longer the level they say they are or are unbalanced. Is this going to be an issue in the next release or are we working on balancing the creatures/levels?
By garrettsulzman - 2007-06-06 00:48:55 in Suggestion Box
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As a leader of a guild, and a long time Role Player, I have found that the Guild Member "ranks" leave something to be desired. From what I understand, in my reading, Guilds were designed to be a place where people of like mind could gather and collectively and cooperatively complete their goals: crafting, gathering, breeding, etc.

I am finding that the new ranks are superb; however, there are some ranks that I would like to see in different places on the list. For example; In our guild, we hold...