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Member since 2005-11-25


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2018-08-25

Activity on the dofus Forum

3 506

Solomonk, 38str, 220vit, 41 agi, 7 crit, 7 dam, 300init. 23% dam - > currently looking for someone to mage
Water Bwak +62 chance, 2 life, 4 life -> still here
Tramotizing mask 60str/4 dam(1 dam away from perfect) -> sold
Aerdala amulet 28 vit, 23 agi, 1 ap 2 dam -> Sold
Sandals Ailuya stats ranging from 18-24 -> Sold
Desire ball cape +25 wis, 41 vit, 4 crit,5dam - > currently selling in bonta for 190kk
rags 10/5 - > for 75kk

Trades will be acceptable if i need them,...