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Hi new guildie!

You are looking for nice guild?
You wanna be part of a group of social and helpfull people?
You wanna rise up in this game, learn to play?
Or you are high lvl already and looking for another home to stay?

Then WE from The Blessed Realm is what you are looking for!

Our avarage member lvl at this moment is 164 and we have a nice group of 190+ players.
Depending on the XP you gave to our guild, you get more rights, so its possible to work your way to the top.

So don't hesitate!...
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Just wondering where I could update my forum profile. I just discoverd the server and guild information shown with my name is incorrect

I kinda looked everywhere, but really cant find it.
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Well lot of things are not compensated. And i dont know how to report this, because that form to contact ankama has no options for things like this.

But the kokoko wood planks are not compensated, you cant transfer, the recipe's where it was for are gone, and you cant exchange them at moon island.

The profession tools, just disappeared, i had more of those, selling them, but .... gone without compensation and i have put resources in them.

Profession gems (the old ones to be listed in the book)...