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For mid-advanced players, it would be handy to have access to the spell description of other classes too.

For example I have never played foggernaut, or I have played cra before but I don't know details about the recent overhaul, so I don't know how their spell work. My teammates usually tell me "I don't know how dissuasive word works".

Having access to all spell descriptions would improve team cooperation in pvm/pvp fights, as well as preparing for enemy attacks in kolossium, ava, and perc/prism...
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Bug Description: The dragoturkey list is not sorted by expiry date (X days left) when the filter "Expiry" is applied.

Example: In the figure below, dragoturkeys are set to be sorted by expiry date, however the list shows certificates that expire in 35 days, then 32, 37, 31, etc. This list is not sorted.  
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This is an unwanted behavior more than a bug.

Description: The order in which dragoturkeys are displayed is reversed whenever (1) a filter is used, (2) a dragoturkey's name is changed, and (3) a dragoturkey is moved between the paddocks, stable, and certificate tab.

- The filter 0% tiredness reverses the list of dragoturkeys everytime that button is pressed (even if the list is not sorted). The same with any other filter.
- The list is also reversed for every character that is input in...