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By fudoseone - 2015-08-01 22:16:04 in General Discussion
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While being on a break for a short while, I finally started getting back into PvM, and God damn, I've never noticed how beautiful some of the sound tracks were in this game. Especially the new dungeon theme ones, and of course, the Divine Dimensions (the battle themes are GOAT).

So out of sheer curiosity, does Ankama have any intentions of releasing their sound tracks?
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Hello everyone

I started working on the new Cania quests (to obtain the sidekick) and I'm kind of stuck at the first Quest ( Accused at the Reception) already.
It says I have to hand in the following ingredients; Snailmet Slobber (4), Royal Rainbow Blop Leaf (4), Frighog Pierced Ear (10) and Rokoko Nuts (3). I have collected all these resources and yet it is impossible to give them to the NPC. I wonder if there are any prerequisites or anything?
By fudoseone - 2013-12-23 23:22:10 in Suggestion Box
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The Archetypal Bow (also known as "The Healing Bow") is being overused in my opinion. In almost every kolossium fight there's at least one character using it either a feca, xelor, cra or any other intellgence based character. Therefore I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to add a class restriction to it? So only the characters, who are supposed to be healers (Osa, Eca and Eni) can handle these powers.

Greetz Frames.