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By frogorell - 2013-06-29 19:20:17 in Sadida
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So I was with Dofus for like, the longest time ever. Severely loved this game to no end, and then a couple bits of drama happened in real life and in the game, and I basically just couldn't cope with it.

That said, my name was Isaumara, and I was a summon sadida. Probably the least-liked of all the sadida builds as no one likes that many summons on the field and their damage is now horrifically obsolete, but I'll be damned if I wasn't one of the first sadidas to actively do it. I have since, recently,...
By frogorell - 2011-04-09 23:45:18 in General Discussion
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Yeah, so, I'm not the best with eniripsas, or sacriers, or any other class that can religiously heal themselves with attack spells. So, in those situations, I have a bad habit of forcing them to submit :I

I'm known decently well for being an incredibly patient sadida, but most of the people that agro me expect either a +dmg sadida, or a easy kill cause I might be strength.

In the case of Sir-Hux of Blitzkrieg on rosal, I had exited out of my dofus client to avoid getting attacked after...