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Pink Lemonade Enutrof Lvl 197 Nox
Lemon Juice Ecaflip Lvl 188 Nox
Magic Juice Cra Lvl 186 Nox
Frankenfran Iop Lvl 158 Nox
Cossettechi Osamodas Lvl 158 Nox
Leianova Sadida Lvl 6 Nox

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By frankenfran - 2013-04-15 07:38:12 in Guilds
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Do you enjoy the following things:

Dominating the common gobball?

Serenading the tofuette of your dreams?

Raiding Dungeons?

Getting Hats?

Listening to the funniest puns you will ever hear?

And all that other good stuff?

Then this is the guild for you! We are BLOOP! We are a friendly blooping bunch who just want to spend countless hours grinding together (with hats of course). We are currently a level 5 guild (don’t laugh), we started this guild back in open beta and now after a *cough*short*cough*...
By frankenfran - 2013-03-05 05:55:42 in Technical Issues
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Hello! I subscribed for the yearly sub for Wakfu. Everything was going well when I got my items. However, something strange happened. When I was getting my haven gems, I was able to retrieve them all. My space in my inventory was just enough to have all 4 plus more. But for some reason, I did not receive my garden haven gem. My inventory was not full and it said I had received it and my inventory was full, but the window for storing temp items did not appear.

Either this is a bug, or something....