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Hello everyone!

I'm a player of dofus touch since it started and today i want to request a petition to the developers and staff of the game.

This week a player of Dofus touch with YouTube channel explained that the emulator Lindonoemu saves your data of absolutely all the information of your account even the question and answer secret. This has left me very concerned because more than a 80% of current players use this emulator that is illegal but offers many facilities to play, then here I will...
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Hola queria reportar un bug que ha aparecido hoy en la colmena de golosotes, antes de bajar por las escaleras en el mapa -63,-75 hay un grupo de monstruos que no se mueve y hace imposible atravesar el mapa, ya lo he matado 4 veces y sigue respawneando en el mismo lugar y sin moverse, la unica opcion que tuve fue sacrificar un personaje de mi grupo para pasar al otro lado con los otros integrantes y posteriormente hacer el teletransporte de dicho miembro en la puerta de la dung.
By fortuiton - 2017-12-19 03:41:22 in General Discussion
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I buy some potions the day before of the update "shop prestige" and until today i realised that theyre now linked to the account, they were purchased with kamas and i dont know why are linked now, makes no sense if you said that were linked AFTER the update and not before.