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Hey to everyone who is going to read this thread. I've been long time dofus player, but I miss old dofus where there was way more grind nowadays achievments ruined all the grind.

Achievments.Now with achievments people can gather resources so easily and there's no point of grinding dungeons like we used to before.I think achievments give way too much resources and its hurting the economy so much there is way too much resources entering market.People with 8 char teams can grind through high lvl dungeons...
By fore-shotz - 2017-03-09 22:22:08 in Suggestion Box
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Hi so I want to talk about topic that was bothering me for a long time. Treasure hunts I enjoy doing them but they are way to easy to do and they are repetetive I think we need to change them. 1st we need to include NPC to talk, and they would give question and you would need to answer it. 2.Sometimes quests looks useless so why dont include quests requirements for hunts like entering exclusive zones and etc. .3 It should be changed the way to get treasure hunts cause now you can talk to NPC and...
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Hello everybody and thanks for reading this thread the main problem is that Boku payment gone and I used it to buy p2p with this payment but since its gonne there is other payment via mobile phone but its more expensive and I want to know where boku payment is gone.Im from Lithuania if you need this information.By the way from 2015 January 1 Lithuania change their cash value from Litas to Euro and everyone must show price's in Euro's but on dofus it still Litas please fix this