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Huppermage Lvl Omega 60 Echo
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By fooked - 2018-06-15 09:32:38 in General Problems and Solutions
7 953
I recently bought a mac and there are a few bugs that are really annoying.

When i play Dofus like 1 out of 3 clicks, click through my Dofus on the program/dekstop behind my Dofus.
Then i have to select Dofus again to play. Alot of times i cant even finish my turn in time. 

Is this a common problem? and how do i fix it?
By fooked - 2015-02-28 13:31:35 in Suggestion Box
19 3171
Heya Dofus,

At the moment the diffrence between a 11CH turq and a 20CH turq is like 30m. So when the quest releases and all turqs are upscaled to 20CH, all people who worked hard
for the high crit turqs, will get punished alot. So my idea is to make a main quest with 9 sub quests. When you finished the main quest you receive a 11 CH turq.
If you want to upgrade your 11CH turq you have to do a subquest, when you finished this subquest you receive +1ch on your turq ( So now it's a +12CH Turq ). For...