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I reported a bug a while ago that when you start a kollosium in a fight, your summon count includes those you have before the kollosium fight starts, this has not been resolved.

Also the fix for the old kollosium start glitch has not worked and you can't eat food in the preparation phase if you were in a fight when it started.

This is the third time I have asked this issue to be resolved and I know for a fact it won't be so thanks for nothing.
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Kolo registers me as having more creatures summoned than I do if I had them in the fight when it starts, just lost again because of this. Please fix
By flowersatemycat - 2012-03-06 05:51:53 in Suggestion Box
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Is this game designed to only be played by people with multiple accounts or not?

I read Dofus officials say that multi-clienting is not endorsed by Dofus, so how come the Minotoror labrynth is only really accesible to people with multiple accounts? I tried this dunegon the other day and I don't believe that any single account users team up and do this on a regular basis. Dofus team have stats on who multi's and who doesn't they quoted them on the frigrost update dev blog, so I dare them to tell...