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It worked fine a long time to add my second char in party, but now i just see "no hero slots available" they are all free! so why? a bug? how to solve it?
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I am doing the quest "life of a hunter II" i followed a guide but the guide seems to be old (it says "Sureberry Fields "), now its ment i should kill "treechnell" i been in the Treechnid Dungeon but no such monster in there...and one more there any place i can find such things myself so i dont need to ask all the the time in the forum?

I think i just found it in Astrub.
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I was googling about it and on 1 place they say it has no effect any more in the game? it i said to give 10% harvesting quantity..does it mean it gives 10% more harvesting? in the seeds or in the straws and cutting? or both? or useless?

this is where i was reading it was removed from game: but is it so? then why dont they take that item away from the game? i wasted 100k kamas on this mimik things for creating these tools, and probably many have done the same.