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Masqueraider Lvl 197 Echo
Masqueraider Lvl 188 Ilyzaelle
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Looking for adventures to open the gates beat the wa wabbit and take the DOFUS! ankabox me
(stuck on the step that needs 3 people) (I will help people to get the the step if needed)
By flashunter - 2016-09-05 06:49:02 in Rushu
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People vie for the light, unknowing it is in light's nature to fade.

Welcome to "Lost Suns" a guild with a focus on solo characters~
I've been playing since 1.26 off and on and reminisce of the days of solo Dofus.
It's time to bring it back! Grab a bunch of hungry solo players to do everything we wanted to do.
"I wanna do content but I don't have a team" will be no more.
No skill req
No level req
Just bring your soul and we'll give it our best!
You got us, away from the shadows and into the light!
By flashunter - 2014-12-14 15:42:38 in Rosal
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Hello all, Yakshaka here... I noticed I need 3 people to stand on tiles (Journey to the Centre of the Wabbit) in order to get the cawwot dofus.. I am having some trouble gathering people.. anyone mind to help? or any other solo players out there...?