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Luna Moonfang Ecaflip Lvl 215 Rubilax
Beatrixx Beckett Ecaflip Lvl 215 Rubilax
Brunnhilde Totenkopf Ouginak Lvl 201 Rubilax
Tanza Griffin Pandawa Lvl 198 Rubilax
Sunna Betelgeuse Eniripsa Lvl 195 Rubilax
Sarin Froste Eliotrope Lvl 187 Rubilax
Avery Sylph Sadida Lvl 148 Rubilax
Elke De Vend Sacrier Lvl 147 Rubilax
Skyler Blitz Rogue Lvl 128 Rubilax
Octavia Payne Sacrier Lvl 119 Rubilax

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i honestly don't understand why they would choose to nerf ougi to only allow curse x2 and a summon with only 6ap, but then allow something like a masq to run around that one turn people in the very first turn. not even to speak about iops, but masq has an insane amount of buffs, self armoring, heals, good mobilty and resistance lowering. even a five year old child can see that this is completely unbalanced. which is even more unbalanced in 3 vs 3 pvp fights, to be honest it is completely ridiculous...