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So around three months ago a I created an RP called The Alliance with pretty much the exact same concept and storyline, except I fiddled around with the details a little. I don't have a limit of characters just yet but I will close signups once I start the RP. Please keep in mind I want this RP to have medium to long posts but that doesn't mean every post has to be 5 paragraphs long and without mistakes. Please post any comments, questions or advice here. Thanks.
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"The new threat is rising... it overpowered Rushu... it's going for the gods... It can't be stopped without help... go my apprentice... get help from Bonta and Brakmar... you must get help from them... from them..."
"B-b-but master, what if I can't."
"You can..."
"I don't k-k-know if I can do it."
"You must... for Twelve... go Helkias..."
"Yes, master."