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I used to be able to place a preceptor on this map (3,-33) but now it gives the error message:QuoteYou are not allowed to place a Perceptor on this map.
I placed one there yesterday and the day before that, but now its giving me errors.
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...after maybe 1-1,5 year not playing Dofus I started playing again.
but I noticed that ALOT has been changed!
after I subbed, i went straight to the gobbdungeon because I knew i could solo it quite well. To my surprise it only had 5 rooms. when I played it were 10 rooms.
I cleared it in 4 minutes straight!
after that i went a bit clueless about what to do next, so I'm turning to the fora.
what should a "LVL 94 STR Ecaflip" do?
I got decent gear. almost 7MK and a fresh month membership.
where should...