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By fgytrfhf - 2020-02-04 14:52:18 in General Discussion
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Is this game is developing or what? All what I can see is some gambling machine.  When I open  website to see news about this game. I see only that there is some kind of items on sale. It is only me who have that kind of option? I remember when there was time. When developers really created new tactics, new classes and something really interesting. So my conclusion that this game target is only to find way how to take money from us and have forget about the game. I think its a wrong direction.
By fgytrfhf - 2020-01-07 17:19:06 in Xelor
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Hello, If you have ever played with xelor you should understand. This class need more time for turn. After ap buff there is so little time to  use all spells corectly. If xelors get ap he need a little bit more time. It could be very useful for xelor gameplay. In kollo fights where you need to think and play toghere using all the playstyles its realy hard.
By fgytrfhf - 2019-08-27 09:25:39 in Xelor
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Well I have seen a lot of xelors after update in kollo fights. And what they can do is a little bit too OP. They kill opponent in 1 turn. Is that normal?