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Hadrina Foggernaut Lvl 182 Remington
Tilyania Cra Lvl 182 Remington
Ilusiona Pandawa Lvl 182 Remington
Toxia Sram Lvl 130 Remington
Ilyania Xelor Lvl 129 Remington
Malicya Enutrof Lvl 129 Remington

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Hello fellow Twelvians !

Virtuous is opening its doors to new adventurers once again. Virtuous was a thriving guild, a couple years ago, and I, Hadrina, decided to rebuild as I came back into the game. Virtuous aims toward being a friendly, not-rushing, family-like environement for both new and veteran players.

We are a level 9 guild with no level/nation requirement. All we ask for is a nice attitude.

We currently have 100+ unique players active in the Guild. Most of them are new players, coming...
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Hi, looking for someone with 5k Ogrins to buy me 2 Mimisimbic on Dofus (Rushu) , i'll pay you 9mk on Wakfu.

Whisper Draxars in Dofus or message here if interested.
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Got 20mk available. 9mk Left to trade.

Leave me a message here or Add friend for Ankamabox.