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Hi I'm Animuffin in game smile
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I'm stuck on the eniripsa class quest and was wondering if anyone had a way to work around it as it's a prerequisite for many questlines that I keep having to abandon. I completed every other step for the quest except for talking to the third sick person (the Dofusophile xelor). I understand you need a Dofawa to speak to the NPC. I've tried wearing it, having it in inventory, holding only one, holding many, relogging onto the map wearing it, running onto the map with it, etc. All of the prerequisite...
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Echo Tournaments Season 1Echo Tournaments are a series of server-wide pvp tournaments that are open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may register for the event any time between now and Thursday November 1st at 23:00DST.
Tldr;; 3v3 pvp tournament starting Saturday Nov 10, registration closes Thursday the 8th 

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*Note: Need some skin inspiration, or want to share a really cool look? Join the Skiny discord server! Where it all began... You might have heard otherwise, but did you know that the concept of “fashion week” began in Astrub? It all started when Alit Elfminate would hire women to wear his latest creations in public places for a week – twice a year-, from standing next to the fountain to sitting on the city benches. “Astrub Fashion week” was an overnight success;...