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Wxy Feca Lvl 171 Remington
Dracaria Sacrier Lvl 170 Remington
Zyf Cra Lvl 170 Remington
Varona Huppermage Lvl 117 Remington
Marketplace Feca Lvl 12 Remington

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-Clicked my avatar
-Redirected to avatar changing page
-Picked and SELECTED the desired avatar
-Page reloads
-Avatar still the SAME

Any suggestions?
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So lately me and my friends have been having the same problem, although not at the same instance. Occasionally we experience unstable pings that persists for a couple of hours, and sometimes for up to a whole day. It affects the gameplay so much that it makes harvesting difficult, and fighting near impossible. 

We have already ruled out the ISP factor because all other internet related activities we do outside the game is going smoothly. Today has been especially bad because it has been going for...