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hello.. i'm looking for someone to put hunting runes on my carnivoure staff ( toady set). its my very first character in this server. i'm struggling as f2p. any help is appreciated!

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By fahmiirfan - 2016-10-05 02:48:31 in Osamodas
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Currently my osa is level 186 which i power level myself with solo idols. I just want to say Thanks game dev for creating such amazing class in both pvm and pvp.

The ability to control summon is really amazing. So much tactics can be made with my drago spamming.

Also, the summon such as white/black gobbal really pack a punch. They do work well as lock. I've seen soo much mobs pass their turn when got lock by these gobbal. Most of time they will hit gobbal but those dam resist gobbal had can withstand...
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I think i already post about this before in same topic few days after rosal being able to register inter kolo. This bugs really annoying.

Its not just me, there are some people in my server, my fellow guildmates experiencing the same problem. So i attempt to post it here before it becoming worsen.

And How it happen?

First i got the kolo fight. when i click accept, we have few second for other fighter to accept it too.

At the moment player teleported into the KIS map, Then suddenly i disconnected...