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After the maintenance was everything ok, but while i was away there was some other update, and after this was installed i'm stuck at "Adobe Air - this installation of this application is damaged". I know at least about one guildmate with exactly the same issue. I tried Adobe Air reinstall, clear game cache, clear game cache manually. I'd really like to avoid reinstall the whole Dofus... anyone else with the same problem?
By evilmind - 2013-09-14 17:01:58 in General Discussion
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This weekend is 1.5x exp/loot, as the reward for good Rushu work at this years Goultarminator. And noone really knows about it - because there was no voting on english, no announcement about final date voted, and even the fact it already started was announced just by Sylfaen at french part of official forum. I mean - really? This is by far most epic fail by Ankama, and i'm really sad i supported the tournament with my time.... will not happen next year for sure.
By evilmind - 2012-11-23 12:39:25 in Beta Test Server
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Bush Fire:
The AP cost is now 4 at levels 1 to 4. The maximum number of casts per target is now 2. Invested spell points are returned.
Aggressive Brambles:
The AP cost is now 5 at levels 1 to 4. The damage on a critical hit has been reduced. The damage has been standardized. The average damage has been increased. Invested spell points are returned.
Wild Grass:
The AP cost is now 3 at levels 1 to 4. The MP loss is now fixed at 3 at all levels. The damages has been increased at all levels....