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You see, I started a normal game to test a deck that was setting, and out of nowhere, I played a game against a Xelor. Everything went normal, without many problems I destroyed the first 3 dofus of which only one was a greener, and just when my Milkar is about to destroy another dofus, simply this one dies.

Strangely, I continued the game, but when trying to put creatures, I would not let me, even in spite of having 3 spaces for creatures, just let me put it in places that would not suit me at all.

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Greetings, I am writing to report this bug that came up from nowhere. Today I was playing normally a ranked and the game frozen so that I did nothing, did not respond, and I had to close it using the windows administrator. The problem is that this only happens in this game and before the update everything went normal.

It freezes everywhere, in game, in deck editing, in configurations, in the start menu.
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The card "BadGoat" has the effect of "eliminating all the prisms of the enemy", but I have tried and does not handle the effect, just stands there like a normal letter. In the photo below you can see how I played the card (is asleep), and the enemy still has the prisms of Purge.