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Yesterday when I was trying to catch a mount I realized I didn't put mount taming on my spell bar, so I thought ok no worries pull up the spells list and add it on. Well, it wouldn't let me add it to my spell bar. Any spell couldn't be added to my spell bar during the fight, even my class spells. I tried clearing my cache mid fight, didn't work, and even in a fight afterwards I tried it again to see if it's a continuous thing it wouldn't let me add spells to my spell bar. Outside of fights it works...
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I'm not sure if this was intentional or a bug but sacriers have lost their damage buff to spells such as fury, clobbering, etc. When we reach 6 and 10 suffering the spells base damage as you hover over it, showing that you should have that damage increase but there is no indication of this buff like before. Also our damage preview shows the correct damage but we don't actually hit what is showing.

I checked the English and French changelogs to see if this was removed but it doesn't seem like it...
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So I just finished both the brakmar and bontarian rank 5 quest. My brakmarian quest xp was 6.3milxp while the bontarian only gave me 630,000 xp... I think there is a 0 missing. 0% to guild and 0% to mount, both level 200 and so I'm not sure why there is such a huge difference.