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Morning was when we decided if not for the grass rising then wind shifted the film even as your fingers said wind can’t shift film inside a camera.

What inside the camera couldn’t be shifted from grass rising to a tree without the film shifting the tree black we decided was purple with light between your fingers.

Was the tree light between your fingers?

Or was the curtain along the windowsill how we didn’t measure the width was where the wind was coming from?

The moment the wind was light inside the curtain was when we couldn’t keep the grass from rising inside the camera.

Or where the grass was rising inside the camera was when we couldn’t see the film was shifting light between your fingers.

The moment the tree was light between your fingers was how we ask could the curtain have kept us fastened from becoming weight?

How were we to know where we were morning wasn’t the same as leaving an outline we could picture a yard as the width we asked to carry weight.

We counted that morning as the curtain shifting to grass which suggests any measurement is always time.

We were dark or unmeasured before the morning was the moment you were both the grass and shifting the camera between your fingers.

There is no measurement for how nothing could be morning after the camera shifting grass was light between your fingers.
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Xandariel Eniripsa Lvl 200 Phaeris
Deathpetal Sadida Lvl 200 Phaeris
Sylviasilver Cra Lvl 200 Phaeris
Deodecim Xelor Lvl 200 Phaeris
Glimer Enutrof Lvl 200 Phaeris

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By emelance - 2018-12-12 15:05:47 in Combat Strategy
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Can some share there experience on the new dungeons and the mechanics of the bosses?
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Ever since time in memorial, my nations governor has been holding the position for so long as I can remember, I just wanna see some changes on it.
3 266
Update the almanax rewards items from lvl 100 to lvl 200.