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Morning was when we decided if not for the grass rising then wind shifted the film even as your fingers said wind can’t shift film inside a camera.

What inside the camera couldn’t be shifted from grass rising to a tree without the film shifting the tree black we decided was purple with light between your fingers.

Was the tree light between your fingers?

Or was the curtain along the windowsill how we didn’t measure the width was where the wind was coming from?

The moment the wind was light inside the curtain was when we couldn’t keep the grass from rising inside the camera.

Or where the grass was rising inside the camera was when we couldn’t see the film was shifting light between your fingers.

The moment the tree was light between your fingers was how we ask could the curtain have kept us fastened from becoming weight?

How were we to know where we were morning wasn’t the same as leaving an outline we could picture a yard as the width we asked to carry weight.

We counted that morning as the curtain shifting to grass which suggests any measurement is always time.

We were dark or unmeasured before the morning was the moment you were both the grass and shifting the camera between your fingers.

There is no measurement for how nothing could be morning after the camera shifting grass was light between your fingers.
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After reading the news about the ankama launcher I immediately downloaded the installer, unfortunately it does not go through, I already tried installing on my two PCs and its the same thing. Both my PC are 32gbt.  

Has anyone encountered the problem? I want to play the game again but.. kinda  they not giving the chance QQ. 
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I have observed that, they changed the old packs (Mogmog, Anathar, Justice Knight). 
I have purchased these in the past, since its changed, can I still buy it again on the same account? 
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I have been playing wakfu since 2013, I have seen many changes, in the past years but I stayed. Then finally I stopped playing last year around December 2018, since the people I often play with were also slowly vanishing with a lot of unfinished gears to work on and now after reading the updates somehow I felt that the effort and time I made to craft and enhance stuff was in vain (Im a master crafter btw). It kinda discourages me a bit lol. But I wanna come back I just need something to motivate...