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Ayah Yogi Cra Lvl 148 Remington
Ayah Cra Lvl 74 Phaeris
Niyah Sram Lvl 53 Phaeris
Ziyah Ecaflip Lvl 39 Phaeris
Tiyah Osamodas Lvl 35 Phaeris
Miyah Yogi Sacrier Lvl 18 Remington
Ren Yogi Rogue Lvl 18 Remington
Siina Yogi Huppermage Lvl 18 Remington
Miyah Sacrier Lvl 4 Phaeris

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Map: In the haven bag
Server: Remington
Bug description: When planting seeds, the character tries to walk into furniture. Ends up with a black screen, reset, and "You're too far away to do that" message.
Reproducibility process:
0 39
Map: In the haven bag.
Server: Remington
Bug description: You can go through the display case and stand inside it.
Reproducibility process:
1 57
Character name: Ayah Yogi
Date and time: 2020/4/29
Map: In the temple of scriptures
Server: Remington
Bug description:The size of the pet is inconsistent. The animation is paused.Reproducibility process: Equip scarafly and have a turkey in the inventory. Click on scarafly and feed it. Click on turkey or other pets.Note that I can't reproduce the problem consistently. It also happens without feeding them when clicking on random different pets.