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By edubfr - 2014-05-26 04:47:44 in Sadida
5 1630
Hello Guys.

This build to a cha/int sad is good? Click here
By edubfr - 2014-05-25 18:44:23 in Sacrier
4 1709
Hello guys, i make this build for my sac: Click here

This build are good? Have better ekps to a cha sac?

I know the cha is low, but have a lot of dmg %.

What are u think? =)
By edubfr - 2014-05-10 01:45:54 in Ecaflip
1 1250
Hello Guys.

There are a good set for omni ecaflip level 167?

My friend use the class set but her up very slow, and want a better set to PVM.

Can someone help? =)