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Sacrier Lvl Omega 57 Echo
Outer Hell
Sadida Lvl 61 Ilyzaelle
Ecaflip Lvl 49 Ilyzaelle
Rogue Lvl 49 Ilyzaelle

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By edawrdkung - 2019-07-28 15:20:23 in General Discussion
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Is there any difference between raising love and stamina to 10000 instead of just 7500? Do you breed more mounts if you go all the way to 10000? 
By edawrdkung - 2019-07-12 20:59:37 in Bug Reporting
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So this has been a "bug" since the sidekicks got released, and the bug is that even though i turn off all kind of animations, the sidekicks still play different animations for their spells, and this isn't that much of a problem until it comes to a few sidekicks, like Lumino, that has spells like "Divergence" and "Illumination" that seriously have a 10 second animation, which gets really annoying after a while.. 

This bug is also present in some class spells, like the sword for sac, where the sword...
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So it's not that long left til kwismas comes back, and hopefully that means we get gifts from the x-mas calendar as usual..

But I just wanna remind Ankama to please not use the same gifts from last years calendar, so the gifts remain rare and go up in value and not drop to 1 kamas. 

And this goes for all event rewards/gifts really, stop reusing the same gifts again and again, 99% of the "special gifts" we get, get reused every time.