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By ecademort - 2014-03-12 22:06:56 in Rosal
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Looking for other Rosal players currently at the minidungeon part of the quest.
My IGN is Scarbon. This is one of the many quests required for the ice dofus, so if you haven't started it already, I would recommend picking it up as soon as you can!
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Is anybody going to be streaming goultarminator this year? I really want to spectate some of the fights!
By ecademort - 2013-07-22 20:22:05 in Suggestion Box
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I would really like to see books that can be written by players. Whether it is advice on dragoturkey breeding, an abridged version of 'The Definitive Guide on Strength Iops' (now with smaller words!), or maybe just a guild log, players could use these in any way imaginable to enhance their Dofus experience. Using a printing press located in libraries, players could craft a brand new book or make copies of their creations.

What do you guys think?