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Ecaflip Lvl Omega 1 Echo
Concilium Germanicum
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By duiveldim - 2020-11-10 17:40:00 in Suggestion Box
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Dofus crashes way too often. It's kind of embarrasing after existing for so long and I can assure u my pc and internet connection are more than adequate. Anyway, thanks to the start-up crash where the game starts to load and then becomes unresponsive I often lose my sales history(which is only accesible at start-up by clicking on the "lots sold"in the chat box) because dofus still recognises my log in. 

I also lose sight of sales very often when I have trade/community/fight chat turned on and so...
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Hi, I love my kitty's in pvp however the ai just doesn't understand why i want it to do. When I'm full health he just runs away and when I'm too far away he doesn't get closer or goes even further to heal a useless roulette wheel on the other side of the map.  I would really love to just control my summons like other classes. 

My kitty's are almost as stupid as the chafer. I have seen the dmg one fail to attack several times when he is right next to my enemy which costs both damage and power buff. ...
By duiveldim - 2020-11-06 18:22:41 in Ecaflip
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For the spell trickery the damage type and corresponding ap cost change every time u crit or use the spell trickery. The only way to know which element is active at the moment is to mouse over the spell which is time consuming and incovenient. There actually is another way which is having only 2 ap(fire) left and still seeing the icon in colour. However since my character uses strength which costs 5 ap this is no use to me. 

Maybe an option could be implemented to show ap costs over spell icons...