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What hat is this?
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I trust this is something beneficial to everyone, and Izmar ought to approve it. I hope I don't get trouble for sharing this and people might assume I'm posting a lie. I got my Pacmanic Set earlier today, so I thought it be a good idea to share it with everyone.

I was playing Dofus the other day and came across someone wearing a cloak I've never seen before. I spied on the character pages and check it out. Turns out to be the cloak of the Pacmaniac Set which was (and still is) available for free...
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i dont know whats the big idea about this. My character of neutral alignment was running bulb cavern, the whole territory there on my server belongs to brakmar, being able to run there by foot since the dungeon isnt part of an alignment area but when i finish dungeon, standing outside and relogging my account when i log in i end up in astrub by my class statue. why is this happening? its not the first time this happened and i never understood why. bulb cavern isnt part of a closed alignment area,...