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Slippery-Pickle coming at you this weekend with some more free subscriptions! Hopefully we can give some new players the chance to taste the wonderful life that we know as p2p. All you have to do is be following the stream and viewing at around 12:00pm noon EST (March 1st/2014).

We're based on Zatoishwan so just have a character on this server prepared to receive the 715kk exchange at Astrub zaap if your name is chosen during one the several raffles!

Our stream is located at Click here

Pm if...
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The English Dofus stream is debuting this Friday (21/2/2014)!

Interested in some high level PvM/PvP/AvA? Interested in free stuff? Helpful community? 'No friends' to play with? Maybe you're stuck in a dungeon on Frigost? Head on over to our Live Stream! We'll be doing live commentaries of dungeons and PvP. Heck if you need some help with a Frigost dungeon or you just want to PvP with some beast chars just let us know and we'll set you up with our group during the stream. You'll get some help/knowledge...
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I've started up a stream before about a year ago (20 concurrent viewers) where I'd lend a hand and do several giveaways daily (End-game equips). It built up rather quickly and shut own just the same due to irl situations I had to back off from the computer for a while but now I have nothing but free time! So I'm looking for some feedback from the community I've been with for almost half my life (I'm 21).

I have a computer and internet that can run everything smoothly so quality isn't an issue.