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Hello this is a message to all lumberjackers,i would like to know how can i make kamas with this new update first i got happy then i went to the market and saw the the plank and wood prices are completily different im a level 116 and i dont know how to make kamas with lumberjack and also more tips would be usefull as using lumberjack with another combo proffesion but atm im just focused in lvling up lumberjack to 200 then i might be carver or smith...soo i would some tips soo i could survive with...
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Hello everyone, im having some hard problems with the dofus launcher, when its downloading the new updates for the installation it just freezes, i have tried downloading the zip file for windows 8 but it guides me to the launcher again and it freezes at the moment im playing dofus with a shortcut that i found, its usefull because like that i can use my p2p but it doesnt have sound and its in french i dont know what to do i have contacted ankama support of couser they are trying to help, but its a...