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Lyannamormont Eliotrope Lvl 213 Rubilax
Grissnos Pandawa Lvl 213 Rubilax
Tiapro Sacrier Lvl 213 Rubilax
Rejsnuccia Osamodas Lvl 203 Rubilax
Drugusdrogo Huppermage Lvl 203 Rubilax
Alwayslate Xelor Lvl 203 Rubilax
Catzimma Ecaflip Lvl 200 Rubilax
Sbomba Rogue Lvl 170 Rubilax
Cracracricrecr Cra Lvl 122 Rubilax
Picchiamoscio Iop Lvl 121 Rubilax

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It's been more than a month that i'm doing daily theese new dungeons, 1 per day, sometimes 2 and sometimes 3, stasis 21+, and i never seen an epic.
even the mob special resources are far from the %that you say. I don' really understand , in your opinion, how many runs you want us to do to get our new equip, because i'm onestly getting tired of that: i probably did more ol less 70 run and i have the mats to improove 1 equip,obviously without epic and relic since i never get one. This is not fun, this...
19 650
am i missing something ? lv 215 items have lots of hp, dodge and lock but lacks of res and block. the minimum(really minimum,sometimes non existent) advance that they have in damage will be sacrificed to rune another res slot
am i the only one that saw that?
The only set that is gonna be more powerfull will be the healer one.
And there is always the same problem: i like the stasis records but rewards are really poor, not worty if i'm allowed
ankama should promote the high stasis dgs by rewarding...