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Whyareyouhere Cra Lvl 1 Phaeris

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The moon has 7WP (i think), while the moon has WP all mobs have a resistance boost.

Each time you hit the moon, moon rocks will spawn, destroy the rocks and the moon will lose a WP. Each rock has 200hp at stasis 1 don't know if it changes. Also the moon regens 1WP each turn.

My strat is basically, get 2 chars with low ap spells to start at the back and attack the moon. Get rid of the moons buff asap and then like any fight focus down one by one. I aim for the priestess's first cause of armor given...
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If you have heros you can also just drag from one inventory to the other. I'm no longer subbed so I can't test but I remember it working.
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What if stasis spells were limited in usage. Similar to hupper's situation. Use fire/earth spells to bring it back up. We can call it stasis energy, that way you can combine the spells together. Use fire to increase overheating then finish off with a stasis attack. Use earth to up blockades and build high pressure to then use a stasis shield?