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"Stasis damage will become Light damage (like for the Huppermage). Spells and passives will let you change elements dynamically through bonuses or conversions of Elemental Masteries."
So stasis can be any elements? I see this as an opportunity to make fogger even more unique. Rid them of all elemental spells and just have stasis spells like the machines they are!

By l2kyrie - 2019-11-19 00:45:16 in Sidekicks
3 119
Oh I see.

Yeah, from what I gathered it's the total. So let's call it all 'reactions' and ovations give a +% to 'reactions'

So at max it'd be at 50% reaction.

I'm pretty confident this is how it works. I remember a fight where I doubled the reaction to about 80% and the numbers were about right.

By l2kyrie - 2019-11-19 00:45:16 in Sidekicks
3 119
Only one melody per ally.

When you cast the same melody on someone else that melody will end and give the after effects.

When you cast a different melody on the same target the previous melody ends. (might work with same melody, havnt tried it.)

not sure what you mean by ovation giving flat % bonus but ovation is just the percentage of the ally's damage/heal that hyppo will add as his own.

at level 200 if set up properly hyppo can give more than double the damage of the DD with melody + glyph...